A Sitting Ducks Christmas is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.




  • (Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle are on the sleigh. Ed is dressed like Santa, while Bill, Oly and Waddle are dressed like elves and Aldo wears reindeer antlers, while standing on four legs, with Ed holding a strap around Aldo's teeth, like a rein around a reindeer)
  • Ed: "Okay, ready guys?"
  • Bill, Oly, Waddle and Aldo: "Ready!"
  • Ed: "Okay, Aldo! Get ready to roll!"
  • (Aldo runs down the hill on four legs, pulling the sleigh down)
  • Ed: "Ho-ho-here we come!"
  • (The sleigh goes down the snowy hill and to an ice pond. The ice is slippery, and Aldo starts scrambling his four legs with Hanna-Barbera's Bongo Feet sound effect playing)
  • Bill: "Uh, Aldo? You think you can slow down?"
  • Aldo: "I can't! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"
  • (Hanna-Barbera's Bongo Feet sound effect continues playing as Aldo continues scrambling his four legs. He continues scrambling down the pond)
  • Aldo: "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"
  • (He continues scrambling down the pond, and then the strap comes loose and the sleigh moves back)
  • Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle: "Whoa!"
  • (The sleigh halts to a stop. Aldo continues scrambling his feet in the pond, with Hanna-Barbera's Bongo Feet sound effect still playing)
  • Aldo: "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I don't know if I can stop my four legs from slipping on here! Uh-oh! Whoa!"
  • (Aldo hits the edge of the pond and lands on his back. He sits up, with his eyes crossed and he take the strap off his mouth)
  • Aldo: "Uh! That was something."


  • South Park: When outside on the snow, Bill wears a brown jacket with red mittens and a blue hat with a red stripe and puffball, exactly like Stan, Ed wears a red jacket with yellow mittens and a blue hat with a yellow puffball, exactly like Cartman, Oly wears an orange jacket with green mittens and a green orshanka, exactly like Kyle and Waddle wears an orange parka with brown mittens, exactly like Kenny.
  • Peanuts: Jazzy music plays in the background, similar to the Peanuts background music. Also, Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle came across Joey's decorated doghouse that looks just like Snoopy's decorated doghouse in A Charlie Brown Christmas.