A Vacation Gone Wrong is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.




  • (The ducks fall in muck, as Aldo runs up to them)
  • Aldo: "Are you okay?"
  • Ed: "Yeah! Why don't you get us outta this muck, it looks like it's trying to eat us."
  • (The ducks are sinking in the muck. Bill realizes this)
  • Bill: "Oh, boy! I think we're sinking in----" (starts panicking) "QUICKSAND!!!"
  • Ed: "Quicksand?!"
  • (Ed screams, as he, Bill, Oly and Waddle try struggling to get out)
  • Oly: "We're sinking even more!!!"
  • Waddle: (panicking) "HEEELLLLPPP!!!!!"
  • Ed: "Help!"
  • Oly: "Help! Somebody help!"
  • Bill: "Aldo, help!"
  • (Aldo stands there worried. Fades to black for commercial break, then fade in)
  • (Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle scream for help, while Aldo stands there worried)
  • Aldo: "Stay calm! Don't panic! Aha!"
  • (Aldo throws a lasso hoping they would catch it)
  • Aldo: "Hold on! I gotcha!"
  • (Aldo was too late, they finally sink in the quicksand)
  • Aldo: "No!"
  • (Aldo frantically searches for them)
  • Aldo: "Bill! Ed! Oly! Waddle! Don't give up on me! Guys?"
  • (Aldo starts crying)
  • Aldo: "If only I could see, or hear them one last time, I---"
  • (Aldo continues crying, until he heard Bill's voice)
  • Bill: "Aldo?"
  • Aldo: "Bill? Is that you? Is that really you?"
  • (Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle somehow got out)
  • Oly: "Apparently, it turned out to not be quicksand."
  • Bill: "Guess we were just exaggerating."

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