Birthday Gator is a Sitting Ducks episode.




  • (At home, Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle celebrate Aldo's birthday)
  • Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle: "Happy birthday!"
  • Aldo: "Why, thank you, guys! Why don't we dig in?"
  • Bill: "Not yet! You have to open presents!"
  • Ed: (giving Aldo his first present) "Open mine, first!"

(Aldo opens his first present, showing a white tank top)

  • Ed: "Eh? It's a tank top!"
  • Aldo: "Gee, why thank you!"
  • Ed: "Aren't you gonna try it on?"
  • Aldo: "Sure, but not right now!"
  • Oly: "Here, open mine next!"

(Aldo opens his second present, showing a skateboard and metal strap-on skates)

  • Oly: "I bout you a skateboard, and a pair of skates! Do you like them?"
  • Aldo: "Why, of course! I like them! I think I'll do a little skateboarding!"
  • (Aldo gets on the skateboard, as the board starts moving, Aldo smiles with his eyes closed, holding his hands behind his back. He skateboards around the house and come to a stop)
  • Aldo: (putting on his skates) "And I think I'll go for a little skating!"
  • (Aldo skates around the house, but holds his balance, crossing his eyes)
  • Aldo: "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"
  • (Aldo comes back to the table)
  • Aldo: "Whoops!"
  • (Aldo holds on to the table, and skates to his seat)
  • Aldo: "I think I should take a little practice."
  • Bill: "Why don't you open my present?"
  • (Aldo opens his third present, showing a bowtie)
  • Aldo: "Why, thank you, Bill! A bowtie!"
  • Waddle: "Open mine!"
  • (Aldo opens his last present, showing a cruddly drawing of him with Bill, Ed, Oly, and Aldo)
  • Waddle: "It's a drawing!"
  • Aldo: "Gee! Thank you, Waddle!"