Boys Will Be Boys is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.


All the boys start flirting on Bev, and fight over her.


  • Ed: "Hey there, Bev! Thought you might wanna wear this!"
  • (Ed shows Bev a shoe)
  • Bev: "Well, that's nice, Ed! But no thank you."
  • Ed: "Aw!"
  • (He walks off and Bill comes)
  • Bill: (nervously) "Uh, hi Bev! Would you like some perfume?"
  • Bev: "Well---"
  • (Arvy pushes Bill out of the way)
  • Arvy: "Get lost, twerp! Hey, Bev! Would you like my T-shirt?"
  • (Arvy gives Bev his T-shirt)
  • Bev: "No, thanks. I'm not really much of a T-shirt gal."
  • (Bev steps back to Waddle)
  • Bev: "Huh? Hey, Waddle!"
  • (Waddle shows her a drawing)
  • Waddle: "It's you!"
  • Bev: "Gee, I don't know what to say."
  • Ed: "Hey, Bev! Would you like you very own one-of-a-kind motorcycle scooter?"
  • (Ed shows her a scooter, until Arvy grab it from him)
  • Arvy: "That's my scooter, you twerp!"
  • Ally: "Hey, I gave you a card."
  • (Bev reads as it says "Dear Bev, I Luv You, signed Ally")
  • Bev: "That's sweet, but you really shouldn't have."
  • Raoul: "Hey, get a load of this!" (clears throat, and speaks in a French accent) "Dearest Bev, you are the most beautiful woman in the world!"
  • Bev: (surprised) "Whoa!"
  • Fred: "Hey! Want my glasses?"
  • (Fred gives Bev his glasses)
  • Bev: "No, thanks! I already have glasses."
  • Wallace: "Hiya, Bev! Would you like one of my----"
  • (Wallace pulls a feather from himself)
  • Wallace: "Feather?"
  • Bev: "Uh, no thanks."
  • Oly: "Hey, Bevvity-Bev! Want my berret?"
  • (Oly takes off his berret)
  • Bev: "Uh----"
  • Ed: "No, take my shirt!"
  • (Ed takes off his T-shirt)
  • Waddle: "Would you like an ice cream sundae?"
  • (All the boys surround Bev, asking them if she can have something from them. Then, Bev start to run off screaming)
  • Arvy: "Get off me!"
  • (He drops Ed to the ground)
  • Arvy: "Wait, Bev! Don't leave me here with these losers!"
  • Ally: "Wait for me!"
  • (Arvy and Ally run off)


  • This is the first time Arvy is shown naked.
  • This was originally gonna be titled "Boys Will Be Ducks", but changed to "Boys Will Be Boys".

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