Aldo buys a ouija board set from Toys "R" for Ducks. Aldo makes Bill,Fred, Ed, Oly, and Waddle play the game with him. Little do they know what they're getting themselves into.


  • This is the first time Madam Bevousky will appear in season 3.
  • Someone gets possessed.


  • (Beginning) Aldo: Hey guys I bought this little ouija board game thingy. You guys wanna play with me?
  • Bev: Aldo, don't you know ouija boards attract evil spirits?
  • Aldo: No.
  • Bill: That sounds silly. I don't scared easily.
  • Bev: You're not scared of evil spirits?
  • Bill: No, that's just plain goofy talk.
  • Bev: Okay gotta go to the cafe, see ya guys later.
  • Aldo: I know you're scared, Bill.
  • Bill: Wanna bet?
  • Aldo: Let's play...
  • Ed: We wanna play too!
  • (during the ouija board game) Fred: What is that noise? I'm scared you guys!

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