Loopy Waddle is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.


Waddle becomes loopy due to anesthesia during his visit at Dr. Cecil's, so Bill, Ed and Oly must watch after him and do the chores while Aldo's at work.


  • (Bill, Ed and Oly help by bringing the computer hardware from the attic. Bill and Ed stand on the attic stairs, as he hands them to Ed who hands them to Oly, who put them down on the floor)
  • Bill: "Listen, guys! About what happened today? I'm sorry. You forgive me, right?"
  • Ed: "Sure Bill, sure."
  • Oly: "Yeah! We forgive you, Bill!"
  • Bill: "Don't you think you should apologize as well, Ed?"
  • Ed: "No way! I ain't apologizing to make you feel less bad. Besides, you were the one who let me down."
  • Bill: "Oh, that wasn't letting down. This is!"
  • (Bill lets go of the computer hardware and make Ed hold it)
  • Bill: "Apologize!"
  • Ed: "No!"
  • (He puts more hardware on top of the computer)
  • Bill: "Apologize!"
  • Ed: "Oly help!"
  • Oly: "I'm sorry, but I'm deadweight."
  • Ed: "Waddle help!
  • (Waddle is still loopy as he hugs a couch)
  • Waddle: (sighs) "I love you, dearie!"
  • (Ed is still struggling with the computer hardware Bill puts on)
  • Oly: "I think you should apologize to Bill."
  • Ed: "No! Never!"
  • (Bill puts more computer hardware on top of all the hardware Ed's holding)
  • Bill: "Do what he says and apologize right now!"
  • Ed: "No!"
  • Bill: (pulling out a computer mouse) "This is your last chance!"
  • (Ed drops the hardware on Bill's feet. He holds his breath and let out a very loud scream. His scream echoes around the neighborhood. Ed laughs, until he start to lose his balance)
  • Ed: "Help! Help! I'm gonna fall! Help me, Bill!"
  • Bill: (groaning in pain) "I'll help if you do one thing: apologize!"
  • (Ed hold the mouse and yanks it down, causing them both to fall down the attic stairs along with the computer hardware)
  • Oly: "Don't worry! I gotcha!"
  • (They hit Oly, causing him to fall down the stairs with them and the computer hardware and his berret fall off. While falling, Ed's shirt fall off and so does Bill's bowtie. They crash to the ground with the computer hardware broken)
  • Ed: (grunts) "I'm sorry!"
  • Bill: (grunts) "Thank you."

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