There is a crazy duck that comes to Duck-Alligatorville and is covered in flames. This duck tries to burn down the entire city! The Gang tries to cool off the duck before the city is reduced to ashes.


  • The Decoy Cafe gets burned down, but luckily no one gets hurt.
  • Pyro Duck is a duck with red feathers, purple feet, purple beak, an orange flame on his body, and can also breathe fire.
  • Fred gets faints and has to go the hospital.


  • Bill: There he is! Over there! Someone get a fire hose!
  • Fred: Protect the igloos! (faints)
  • Bill: What are you talking about Fred!?! There are no igloos... Fred!
  • Bev: We need to get him to the hospital right now!
  • Aldo: I'll take him there. Guys, help Bill! (picks up Fred and runs to the hospital)

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