The Alleygator Rampage is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.


The Alleygators' most prized possesion, The Alligator Figurine in a Bottle, goes missing. So, they go on a rampage by destroying Duck-Aligatorville while searching for it.


  • Ed: "What's going on?"
  • Ally: "Run for your lives! It's an Alleygator Rampage!"
  • (Another house breaks down, leading to an earthquake)
  • Oly: "Whoa!"
  • Bill: "Oh, boy! We better run!"
  • (Bill, Ed and Oly run off, as Waddle tries to catch up but falls)
  • Waddle: "Help!"
  • Bill: "Waddle!"
  • (Bill grabs Waddle's hand and brings him up)
  • Bill: "You okay!"
  • Waddle: "I think so!"
  • (Bill and Waddle scream as another earthquake occur. Hanna-Barbera's "Temple Block Gallop Feet" sound effect play, as they scramble their feet, before taking off. They catch up with Ed and Oly)