The Big Mouth is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.


The episode begins with Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle at the Decoy Cafe. Ed think of a scam called "Habit Breakers". Bev gave the ducks zebra smoothies. Ed tells his brothers he's gonna drink it all up at once, as he opens his mouth buts holds his smoothie at the wrong direction. The smoothie falls on his T-shirt, thus angering Ed and leads to a cursing fit. Bev suggest they should leave.



  • Ed: "Hey, I'm not cursing anymore!"
  • Waddle: "Wow! That's good!"
  • Oly: "Slappity-slap!"
  • Bill: "Well, what do you---"
  • (He lets out a bleep, then covered his mouth)
  • Bill: "Oops!"
  • (The Habit Breaking Machine comes up to the ducks)
  • Bill: (gulps) "Guys, help me!"
  • (Ed, Oly and Waddle run off)
  • Ed: "Sorry, Bill! You're on your own!"
  • (Bill looks at the Habit Breaking Machine, trembling in fear)
  • Bill: "Oh, boy!"
  • (The Habit Breaking Machine laugh evilly and take Bill away as the scene fades to black. Fades in, as we can hear Bill screaming and the camera zooms out, showing him trapped to a chair. He continues screaming until the machine hits him in the face with pie. He continued to scream until the machine scrubbed his mouth with soap. He scream again, then the machine clamps his mouth shut. He manages to set his mouth free and give out a bleeped explicit, and the machine hits on the head with a guitar. He give out another bleep explicit. Scene cuts to the machine, laughing evilly as the episode irises-out)