The Circus is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.


When the circus was cancelled, the ducks decide to make their own circus.


  • Ed: "Okay, ladies and gentleman! Behold, the Lion Tamer! Sort of."
  • (Bill walks in, with Aldo following on fours)
  • Bill: (whispering) "Okay, ready?"
  • Aldo: (whispers) "Ready!"
  • (Aldo starts roaring like an actual lion and then walk on fours to Bill, as he backs away)
  • Bill: "Back away, you hungry beast!"
  • (Bill hits Aldo with a whip and he backs away and sit on fours on a seat)
  • Bill: (whispering) "You okay? Hope I didn't you too hard."
  • Aldo: (whispering) "Yeah, I'm okay! I think I'm getting the hang of this."
  • Bill: "And now the lion will go through this hoop!"
  • (Bill brings out a hula hoop. Aldo jumps through the hoop and land on another seat on four legs. He then roar like an actual lion again, as everyone cheers)

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