The Genius is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.


Tired of being the dumb one, Waddle wants to get smart, so he come across an ad for SmartJuice and order it, then become smart. Bill, Ed and Oly get jealous and drink some and become smart too.


  • Aldo: "Guys, I want you to come down and clean up that writing on the wall, and---"
  • Oly: "Dude, what is he saying?"
  • (To them, Aldo shouts primitive words, so does Albert and Alfred)
  • Ed: "What the heck are they saying?"
  • Bill: "Oh, boy. We've become too smart, they're stupid to us."
  • (To Aldo, Albert and Alfred, Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle speak backwards.)
    • Ed: (backwards) "!tluaf ruoy lla is sihT"
    • Waddle: (backwards) "?tluaf yM"
    • Oly: (backwards) "!ssem siht otni su tog ouY !tluaf ruoy, haeY"
    • Bill: (backwards) "!gnihtyna dnatsrednu ot elba eb t'onw won ew dna eciuj hcum oot gniknird been ev'eW"
    • Ed: (backwards) "!stoidi eerht rehto eht dna restam em edam ev'dluow ti dnA"
  • (During their argument, Aldo, Albert and Alfred look at each other, confused)


  • During Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle's conversation, they spoke backwards. If you play the episode backwards, they speak normally. Ed says "This is all your fault!", Waddle says "My fault!", Oly says "Yeah, your fault! You got us into this mess!", Bill says "We've been drinking too much juice and now we won't able to understand anything!" and Ed says "And it would've the master and the other three idiots!"

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