Waddle's Bad Mood is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.




  • Ed: "Look at Waddle! Still a grumpy-wumpy, wimpy, stupid little boy!"
  • (Waddle ignores Ed)
  • Oly: "Yeah, poor, poor, poor, little brother! Waddle, Waddle, just a poor, little wuss!"
  • Ed: "Yeah, I bet if he get even more angry, he'd probably blow up the world!"
  • Oly: "Yeah, like that would ever happen!"
  • (Ed and Oly laughs)
  • Bill: "Guys, we shouldn't make fun of our little brother!"
  • (Waddle keeps ignoring them)
  • (Arvy and Ally comes up to them)
  • Arvy: "If he gets even more angry, he'd also blow up the universe!"
  • Ally: "He'd also, um, uh, blow up the, earth?"
  • (Ed, Oly, Arvy and Ally laughs)
  • (Raoul flies down to them)
  • Raoul: "If Senor Waddle gets angry, he'd probably burst into itsy-bitsy pieces!"
  • (Ed, Oly, Arvy, Ally and Raoul laughs)
  • (They keep on laughing, they show Waddle's heart inside angry and on fire)
  • Bill: "Guys?"
  • (Waddle makes a fist)
  • Bill: "Uh, g-guys?"
  • (Waddle makes another fist)
  • Bill: "Guys?"
  • (Waddle turns boiling red)
  • Bill: "Guys?"
  • (Waddle stomps up to them)
  • Bill: "Guys?"
  • (Ed, Oly, Arvy, Ally and Raoul continue laughing, until Waddle comes up to them)
  • (Waddle breaths at them)
  • Bill: "Oh, boy!"
  • (Waddle holds his breath)
  • Waddle: "BIG, TROUBLE!"
  • (Waddle continues yelling at them, while Ally faints and Oly's berret flies off by the force of Waddle's yell)
  • (Waddle stops yelling, then runs to the playground, smashing stuffs)
  • Ed: "Waddle's gone crazy!"